The Little Needle That Could

Have you ever had that moment, you’re at the mall shopping, you see this beautiful dress, and convinced yourself that you need this dress, then you take a look at the price tag, and it’s too expensive. So you gently put it back on the rack.

That recently happened to me; I decided to challenge myself and make a similar dress to the one I found at the boutique.

I’ve made several dresses in the past, but it never was one quite like this. I was determined to make this dress, but I had to do my research first. So I scoured the internet looking for the perfect dress similar to the one I saw at the mall and came across this one.

After sketching out a few designs, I got to work. I started off by drawing and measuring out my pattern. Then, after I cut them out, I had to make a quick trip to Joann to pick out my fabric, which is by far one of the best yet most complex parts. There are so many different types of materials, colors, and designs, but I was stuck on the color red.

I found this beautiful red fabric, found a matching thread and a zipper. After I checked out, I rushed home to get started. After laying out and cutting my fabric, I started the most exciting part, stitching it all together! Within the first 20 minutes, I had my top part all done.

Then I finished the bottom part.

Within two hours, I had my whole dress completely.

I was shocked and amazed at my ability to complete my project. I doubted that it would turn out fabulous. I know I still have much to learn. But, that day, I learned a great lesson, never doubt my ability. I would never have known what I could accomplish if I didn’t take that first step.